CD For Salel – UPDATED

My CD, ‘The Falcon Carol’, is ready to go. As mentioned here before, it has fifteen tracks; twelve are traditional folk songs, and three are my own compositions. My son Nick plays additional guitar on three of the tracks.

Please understand, this is not a professionally recorded CD. The recordings were done at the homes of two friends, Barry Westerlund and Alex Boudreau. Alex mastered them and printed off the CD labels and case inserts. And we don’t have any sort of professional distribution network.

However, we do want to raise a bit of money for Habitat for Humanity, so we’re selling them for $10.00 each, plus another $5.00 for postage and handling if you live out of town. All the profits will go to Habitat Edmonton.

I had a PayPal account for a while, but I quickly started to receive fraudulent emails from people claiming to be PayPal and asking for my account information, so I’ve now closed that account. Sorry, but we’ll have to do this the old fashioned way! To get a copy of the CD, please send a cheque or money order for $15.00 in Canadian funds to:

Tim Chesterton
c/o St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
12603 Ellerslie Rd.,
Edmonton, AB T6W 1A3

Don’t forget to include your return address!

If you want to come and pick it up yourself, then you get it for $10.00!