Lesley’s ‘Fourteen Reasons to Become a Vicar’

Like any other pastor or priest I’ve gone through dry spells in my ministry, and times when I just wished there was some other way I could make a living (never was quite able to persuade myself that a career in music was viable!!!). But most of the time, when I’m being true to my ordination vows and to the call of Christ on my heart, I love my job. I get to pray and read scripture, to meet people at the most important moments of their lives and help them process them, to point people to Christ and help them commit their lives to him and grow in their walk with him. It’s almost a crime to get paid for doing this stuff (though I’m not ready to forego my pay cheque just yet, thank you very much!).

There’s a lot of negativity around these days about the work of a parish priest, so I was really happy to see Lesley’s ‘Fourteen Reasons to Become a Vicar’ (for those who aren’t familiar with the language of the Church of England, a ‘vicar’ is the rector or senior pastor of a parish). Some of them are particular to the Church of England (eg. working from your home, or going into schools to lead ‘assemblies’ [times of worship]), but most of them apply here in Canada as well.

An older colleague of mine used to call me up on the phone and ask me ‘Are you enjoying your ministry?’ I certainly appreciated that question and how, again and again, it pointed me to the joy of the gospel which is what got me into full-time ministry in the first place. I’m glad Lesley enjoys her ministry, and I pray that many more of our colleagues will be able to share more of that joy.

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