The disputes of rascals

Another good reading from the book of Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus) at Morning Prayer this morning. For some reason I decided to use my old New English Bible for my daily office readings today. The following excerpt seems particularly appropriate for Internet conversations, comments on blogs etc.

Do not find fault before examining the evidence;
think first, and criticize afterwards.
Do not answer without first listening,
and do not interrupt when another is speaking.
Never take sides in a quarrel not your own
or become involved in the disputes of scoundrels.
(Ecclesiasticus 11:7-9 NEB).

Then follows this verse which seems particularly appropriate for clergy who are getting sucked into the ‘Jesus is coming: look busy!’ syndrome:

My child, do not busy yourself with many matters;
if you multiply activities, you will not be held blameless.
(I’m quoting here from the NRSV of v. 10).

Some good nuggets for me to think on as I go into my day.

One thought on “The disputes of rascals

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