What I’ll be doing Saturday afternoon

Discovering the World of Traditional Folk Music
A workshop with Dana Wylie and Tim Chesterton

February 12th 2011 1 – 5 p.m. at Expressionz Café
9938 70th Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta

As a musician, are you looking for a huge body of material that tells great stories, has wonderful melodies, can be changed and adapted however you like, and is totally copyright-free? Welcome to the world of traditional folk music! These are the songs that were passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years; they have been adapted endlessly in many different times and places, and continue today to inspire and delight audiences around the world.

In this workshop Dana and Tim will talk about why they are so excited about traditional folk music, how they have used it themselves, and how it has influenced their own songwriting. They will give examples of some of the most enduring songs from the tradition and how they have evolved over the centuries (using their own performances as well as audio and video recordings), and they will identify the most important resources (CDs, books, websites etc.) for people wanting to further explore the world of traditional music. Finally, because open guitar tunings often feature in this kind of music, they will demonstrate some of the most important open tunings (Drop D, DADGAD, open C, open G), share some chord charts and give examples of songs that can be played in these tunings.

Tickets are available at the door for $20.

Dana Wylie
Dana Wylie is widely considered to be one of Edmonton’s most beloved performers and songwriters, as evidenced by the recent appearance of her third and latest album, Something’s Going to Happen Here, at Number 25 on CKUA’s Top 100 for 2010 list. She has travelled and toured extensively in North America, Britain and Asia, and it was while living in England that she began to develop an ever-expanding interest in the traditional folk music of the British Isles and North America. Dana is currently working on her fourth album, which will feature a mix of original and traditional songs.

Tim Chesterton
Tim Chesterton sees himself primarily as an interpreter of traditional folk songs. He is inspired by the rich heritage of folk music – songs written in previous centuries, usually by unknown authors, and then passed down by word of mouth, moulded and re-moulded by each successive generation. Tim wants to take his place in that tradition, passing on these wonderful old songs to new audiences today. He especially loves songs that tell stories, and his own songwriting is mainly in the storytelling vein. His repertoire also includes instrumental pieces, both his own compositions and also traditional and contemporary tunes.

Tim plays solo and also shares stages regularly with good friends. His musical influences include Nic Jones, Kate Rusby, Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson, James Keelaghan, John Renbourn, Planxty, Jacqui McShee and Maddy Prior.



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