John R.W. Stott, April 21st 1921 – July 27th 2011

I heard last night of John Stott’s death on Wednesday at the age of 90.

I wrote a tribute to John a few months ago on the occasion of his 90th birthday. He influenced me in countless ways, and I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a few days with him back in 1990 and to get to know him a little. In his last talk at the Keswick Convention he said that the goal of the Christian life is Christlikeness, and to me he was truly a Christlike man. Rest in peace and rise in glory, Uncle John!


John’s church, All Souls’ Langham Place, has a fine tribute page here.

The Langham Partnership Tribute is here.

The Daily Telegraph has a very fine (and mostly accurate) obituary here.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s tribute is here.

The Church Times notice is here.

There are other tributes by Phil Ritchie, Simon Nicholls, Doug Chaplin, Archbishop Cranmer, Archdruid Eileen, Mark Meynall, Peter Kirk, and many others (Google ‘John Stott’ and you’ll be reading for hours).

There is also an online remembrance book.

2 thoughts on “John R.W. Stott, April 21st 1921 – July 27th 2011

  1. Erika Baker

    I’m glad to hear that he was a genuinely humble man and I’m prepared to re-write my opinion of him based on all these testimonies including yours.
    My own view has been severely clouded since I went to a lecture he gave in a local church some 12 years ago. The priest who introduced him could not have been more fawning if he had literally crawled on the floor in front of him and John Stott appeared to accept all this devotion as his due. My friend and I had previously grappled with his writings, agreeing with some of it, disagreeing with other parts but always feeling challenged and encouraged to think. We had really looked forward to the evening but we both came home never wanting to read another word John Stott had written simply because his demeanour so appeared to contradict his words.

    I am genuinely glad to be able to revise my opinion again. We clearly misread the evening. Thank you.

  2. Tim Chesterton

    Erika, I’m genuinely surprised. You are the first person I’ve heard of who has had this sort of experience with John.

    He used to tell a hilarious story about being introduced in a cathedral in the southern US. The Dean said “I would crawl 100 miles on my knees to hear John Stott preach”. Then five minutes into his sermon John looked down from the pulpit to where the dean was sitting in the front pew – fast asleep! John said, “The poor man was clearly worn out from his 100-mile crawl!”

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