Joe Walker

Half an hour ago I learned the news that my dear friend Joe Walker died early this morning after a short and increasingly painful battle with cancer.

Joe was one of the truest and most thoughtful and honest Christians I have ever met. He was my friend in prayer, in laughter and fun, in music, and in ministry. He was a true kindred spirit. Rest in peace, my dear friend, and rise in glory.

Meanwhile, let us all pray for Joe’s wife Alisa and for their children Emily, Adam, Sarah Joy, and Justin.

12 thoughts on “Joe Walker

  1. Erin

    Tim, this is a very hard thing. My deepest sympathies and I will continue to pray for Joe’s family and friends.

  2. sheila

    I am sad not to have known Joe better. This is my loss as indicated by those whom I love and admire who did know Joe well and so feel this loss so keenly. My prayers are with you in your life without Joe. I rejoice for him in his new life in Christ who makes all things right. Sheila

  3. Ingerid Meagher

    I remember Joe as a man with great passion for the Holy Land and Turkey, its people and especially the Palestinians and their problems. I had the privilege of journeying in Israel with him in 2009. What a wonderful human being he was. I am shocked and saddened at his passing and very sad for his wife and children and you, Tim, at losing such a dear friend. You are all in my prayers.
    Ingerid Meagher (Brisbane, Australia)

  4. Tim Chesterton

    Ingerid, thank you so much. I’m just re-reading Joe’s blog from the beginning and so much enjoy his reflections on his various pilgrimages. Thank you for your prayers..

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