A partial enforced Internet fast

Some sort of box around the corner from my house apparently ‘went mechanical’ (as they used to say about non-functioning aircraft in the Arctic) a week ago. Apparently it is rather a big deal; it needs to be replaced, rebuilt, and then about fifty Internet users need to be reconnected to it. All this, apparently, might (might) be finished next week some time, so Telus tells me (“That’s technology”, the nice assistant said to me on the phone. I felt like replying, “So that’s Telus’ official answer to my question about why my Internet is going to be down for at least two weeks? ‘Technology sucks?'”). So Internet use is now restricted to my office at the church, and the local coffee shops (Hmm – is Telus in league with Starbucks?).

However, this might be a blessing in disguise. I remember C.S. Lewis speculating somewhere that if he had done more voluntary fasting in his life God might not have felt it necessary to put him on so many illness-related diets in his old age! I know I spend far too much time on the Internet; now that it’s unavailable to me at home, reading and family activities are multiplying! In my fifties, for the first time (prompted by Joe, God bless him), I’m reading Augustine’s Confessions, and have Boethius and Dante lined up to follow him. I’m also about three quarters of the way through my 2011 project of reading through the entire King James Version Bible (with Apocrypha). Just finished the Wisdom of Solomon last night.

God moves in mysterious ways…

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