Missing Felix Hominum

Of all the blogs I read, Felix Hominum was far and away my favourite. I loved Joe’s ability to write about Dante and Augustine, about parenting and making a backyard skating rink, about the Scriptures and about jazz. I loved his sheer writing skill and his down-to-earth and thoroughly mischievous sense of humour.

I find that the majority of blogs are fairly predictable. This one hates the Anglican Covenant, this one hates Obama and all he stands for, this one is absorbed in her own pain, this one thinks gays are going to destroy the world, and so on. But with Joe, you could aways be sure of finding something unexpected, something interesting and absorbing (he was interested in so many things). And it was all based on his deep rootedness in Christ and the long tradition of Christian spirituality and theology.

Since Joe died on August 10th I have continued to check my blogroll every day. I realised this morning that deep down inside, I’ve been hoping against hope for a new post on Felix Hominum. And it came to me in a fresh way this morning that this is not going to happen. And I can’t deny that this thought caused me a tear or two.

Rest in peace, Joe, and rise in glory. I hope there are blogs in the kingdom.

6 thoughts on “Missing Felix Hominum

  1. Tim Chesterton

    I suspect I’m a fairly predictable blogger myself, and you may be right that comparisons are odious.

  2. Leslie

    Joe had a knack for making his varied interests come together in an interesting way on his blog. And also a gift for speaking some difficult truths in ways that left you thinking rather than leaving you feel on the defense. He had quite an annointing and lived it out in an admirable way.

  3. Susannah

    I hear you, Tim. Every so often I find myself clicking on Joey’s FB link on my page, or even googling his name on the odd chance something new will present itself. Tonight was one such night, and it was good to see your blogging about his blog. I miss his clear articulation of provocative truths, and I wish I could still talk about many of the things I’d been ‘saving up’ to discuss with him …

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