Good Works Fair and Trunk or Treat Party

Sunday October 30th was another red letter day for us at St. Margaret’s!

At both our services this morning we had a ‘Good Works Fair’. We had representatives from four mission agencies in Edmonton – Hope Mission, the Mustard Seed, Habitat for Humanity, and the Edmonton Food Bank – come and speak to us about the work their agencies do. After each service we had a coffee hour and an opportunity for our members to speak with the mission representatives and find out more about their work and what individuals and groups can do to help. Many people mentioned how much they appreciated what our four mission partners had to say and the fact that they were willing to come and take time to talk with us, both as a group and as individuals. One of the agencies represented was the Food Bank, and our Sunday School children had prepared small parcels of food which they presented at the end of the 10.30 service.

Then it was out into the parking lot for ‘Trunk or Treat’! Those who participated had brought Halloween treats in the trunks of their cars; we closed off the parking lot to make it a safe place for our children, and then the children went from car to car ‘Trunk or Treating’. We had a costume competition and ended the proceedings with a wiener roast around the fire pit behind the church. Wieners and pop were sold and all proceeds went to our Sunday School’s World Vision mosquito net appeal.

Everyone agreed that the day had been a great success. Many thanks to Marci Chesterton, who had the idea for the Good Works Fair, to Maggie Woytkiw who worked with her to organise it, and to Erin McDougall who organised the ‘Trunk or Treat’ party!


Food bags from the Sunday School offered for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Members of St. Margaret’s interact with our mission agency representatives after the 10.30 service.

Our four mission agency representatives: Armand Mercier (Habitat for Humanity), Joel Nikkel (Hope Mission), Paula Cornell (The Mustard Seed), and Kelly Cailliau (Edmonton Food Bank).

Our four mission agency representatives with Marci Chesterton, who first had the idea for the ‘Good Works Fair’).

‘Trunk or Treating’ in the parking lot!

Children and parents ‘Trunk or Treating’.

The day’s events ended with a wiener roast around our fire pit behind the church.

For more pictures check out the Facebook album here.


The recording process is coming along slowly…

Some of my friends will know that for over a year now I’ve been making gradual trips to a friend’s private recording studio to record some tracks for a new CD. I thought you might like to know that we are now almost at the point where the basic tracks (i.e. guitar and voice, or in a couple of cases cittern and voice) are complete.

We have recorded usable versions of the following traditional songs:

A Begging I Will Go
Lord Franklin
Pretty Saro (with the cittern)
Johnny Cope
The Week Before Easter
Master Kilby (with the cittern)

Also the following original songs:

The Bismarck and the Hood
The Ballad of Jake and Rachel
Fire of Love
‘Twas on a June Morning
I Know You Will Be There
Watching this Town Growing Old
The Wise Man’s Servant

This is rather too many for a CD – we have fourteen songs and we will probably only use eleven or twelve. ‘The Wise Man’s Servant’ will also be my Christmas song for this year so once it is properly doctored I will be sending it out to everyone on my email list. We made a few other recordings too, of course, but we (i.e. Alex Boudreau, my ‘engineer/producer’, and myself) don’t think they’re quite up to the standard we want so have decided not to use them.

As for the next steps, there are a few other instruments (stand-up bass, lead guitar, possibly harmonica or fiddle, and maybe even a cittern lead-line on one tune) I want to add to a few tracks. However, I’m looking for a very clean, simple, stripped-down sound so as to be able to easily reproduce it in gigs around town (and also, I admit, because that’s the sort of sound I really enjoy on other people’s CDs). So there won’t be anything like ‘a full band’.

Once the recording is complete it will be a matter of getting it properly mastered and then manufactured, album artwork designed and so on. I have no idea how long all this will take, but I’m hopeful that by the summer we might have something sale-able. When I know more, I’ll let you know, but I did want to give a sort of progress report as a number of people have asked me how the process was going.