Heading back to the UK for three weeks

On Sunday night I’ll be flying over to the UK again for three weeks. This is partly a work trip; I’m going on behalf of the Diocese of Edmonton to network with some people in the Church of England who are running the parish evangelist program (see information on the Diocese of Chelmsford website here). I’ll be meeting with people in the dioceses of Chelmsford, Peterborough, and Rochester, and hope to glean all the information I can so that we can decide whether this would be a good initiative for us to try in the Diocese of Edmonton.

But I’ll also be spending a lot of time with my Mum and Dad in Oakham (see photo above), and other family members and friends. While I’m in the Diocese of Chelmsford I’ll take the opportunity to visit old friends in Southminster, and I’ll be doing a benefit gig for St. Leonard’s, Southminster at the church on Friday June 8th.

I understand that while I’m over there the people of the United Kingdom have a little party going on. I’ll try not to get in the way…

2 thoughts on “Heading back to the UK for three weeks

  1. Tim Chesterton

    A tantalising fragment, Sam! Charlie Kosla is arranging some meetings for me with parish evangelists while I’m there.

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