The problem is lack of trust

I’m purposely not making much comment on the train wreck that is the Church of England’s continuing effort to move toward consecrating women as bishops, while still being a welcoming community to those who are opposed to this idea (if this interests you, Thinking Anglicans probably has the most exhaustive coverage, though some of the comments are vitriolic). Well, actually I’ve made no comment at all to date! There are many reasons behind this, including the fact that I have good and dear friends and family on both sides of the issue, so it pains me when people on one side make harsh and dismissive comments about their opponents.

As always, David Keen has some wise words on the subject. Here’s an excerpt:

 – As I said earlier this week, there is a deeper problem of lack of trust. A family only needs to resort to law and codes of behaviour if relationships have broken down. Traditionalists fear that WATCH stands for Win And Treat Conservatives Harshly, and that without explicit safeguards they will be simply be marginalised. If most of the parties are spending their time in conference with like-minded people within their lobby groups, and not with one another in an attempt to listen, understand and love, then I can’t see the entrenchment slacking off.

Read the rest here, and then join David in prayer.


3 thoughts on “The problem is lack of trust

  1. Andrew H.

    I have not commented on this either and mostly try to stay away from the divisive issues — in the Episcopal Church, currently more about sexual orientation issues such as gay marriage than gender issues. Like you, I have friends on both sides of these issues.

    But from our experience in the States, the British conservatives are right to expect “win and treat conservatives harshly,” with subsequent marginalization. That is precisely what has happened here.

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