Prickle-Eye Bush

The mighty ‘Bellowhead’ do a lively version of the song ‘Prickle-Eye Bush’ at Celtic Connections 2005 in in this video.

Note that there is an even more entertaining 2007 version of this song by Bellowhead on YouTube here, but embedding has been disabled so I couldn’t post it directly here!

The membership of ‘Bellowhead’ seems to be somewhat fluid – you may notice that it includes Jon Boden, John Spiers, Paul Sartin and Benji Kirkpatrick, all of whom have already appeared in this series – but they are definitely some of the most talented young folk musicians in Britain today. You can find out more about them on their website here; they have a number of excellent and highly entertaining CDs out, all of which are readily available. They gave a memorable performance at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival a few years ago.

‘Mainly Norfolk’ has a good article about the song ‘Prickle-Eye Bush’ here. Apart from the Spiers and Boden version mentioned in this article, the only other version I’m familiar with is one by Nic Jones, although Nic changes the tune quite a bit, as he often did! You can find it on the 2001 compilation ‘Unearthed‘.


5 thoughts on “Prickle-Eye Bush

  1. Marg Rys

    Enjoyed the lively band “Bellowhead” this morning Tim. Great having combination of cello, brass and string musicians! I will miss hearing these great musicians when I am away but shall look forward to them upon my return! Happy Camping Days!

  2. Tim Chesterton

    Marg, if you like ‘Bellowhead’ I have a couple of CDs I can lend you when you get back. Have a wonderful time at music camp!

  3. Tim Chesterton

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Brian. I live in Canada so I probably won’t be going to Paisley, but some of my readers might!

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