Rachel Newton – The Last Minute/The Groupie/Height of Rudeness

I asked Jonathan Hagger (AKA Mad Priest) – who is very knowledgable about folk music – to give me some recommendations for this series. He pointed me in the direction of Rachel Newton.

I don’t know anything about these tunes Rachel is playing (are they traditional or her own compositions?), but I do know the music sounds stunning.

If you want to find out more about Rachel, her website is here. She also has a MySpace page (I’m surprised they still exist!) where you can hear three more of her tunes. Me, when I get a bit of pocket money I’m buying the album.


2 thoughts on “Rachel Newton – The Last Minute/The Groupie/Height of Rudeness

  1. An artist quite new to me, so I’m grateful for the discovery. I’m listening in the garden watching seagulls and swifts wheel in time to the music – you’re right, stunning!

  2. Lovely, indeed.

    “Rachel Newton, singer and harpist with BBC 2 Folk Award nominated The Shee and The Emily Portman Trio, has produced her debut solo album, ‘The Shadow Side’ on Shee Records. The album is comprised of mainly traditional songs in both English and Gaelic and also of Rachel’s own instrumental compositions.”


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