Genticorum: ‘Pinson et Cendrouille’

In recent years, one of the big discoveries for me at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has been the traditional Québecois band ‘Genticorum’ (made up of Pascal Gemme, Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand and Yann Falquet). I could talk about their wonderful harmonies, their infectious humour and sense of joy in their music, their gift for imaginative storytelling in the banter between songs and so on. But instead, why don’t I just let you listen to one of their wonderful songs?

This song, ‘Pinson et Cendrouille’, also goes by the name ‘La Noce Des Oiseaux’ (‘The Birds’ Wedding’), and I suspect it may be related to the well-known English folk song ‘Froggy Went a-Courting’. One version of the lyrics (with English translation) is found here, although it doesn’t quite match the lyrics Genticorum sing, and the story doesn’t quite have the hilarious character described by Genticorum when they sing the song live!

(Click the ‘blue clicky’).

‘Pinson et Cendrouille

As for Genticorum, their web page is here (in English – there is also, naturally, a French version!). They also have a lot of songs uploaded to their Reverbnation page here. Enjoy! I can truly say that they are one of my favourite bands (even though I don’t understand a word they’re singing!).


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