The Golden Glove

I first heard this song on an album by the great Nic Jones called ‘The Noah’s Ark Trap‘ (released in 1977 and sadly unavailable commercially because of a long-standing record company dispute). I still think Nic’s version is one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard. However, Jim Moray has recently recorded the song on his album ‘Skulk’, and he is seen in this video performing it at the Bristol Folk Festival in 2011.

If you’d like to compare the recorded version on Jim’s new album, here it is.

Mainly Norfolk has a brief discussion of the different recorded versions of this song (also known as ‘Dog and Gun’), and there is a very informative discussion about the history of the song itself at Mudcat Café.

Jim Moray is a very fine young folk musician in England who has done some very original things with traditional folk songs (which make up the majority of his repertoire). His website is here, and on it (unusually) you can listen to complete versions of every track on his new CD, ‘Skulk‘.


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