Rant and Roar

It’s impossible to think about modern Canadian folk music without thinking about the brilliant Newfoundland band ‘Great Big Sea’. They are great songwriters, too, but they include a healthy dose of traditional Newfoundland folk songs in their repertoire. Here is one of their best-loved traditional tunes, ‘Rant and Roar’.

Great Big Sea’s version is actually quite a bit shorter than the original (well, if it can be possible to find the ‘original’ of a tradition song!). Contemplator has a full set of lyrics and a bit of information here, and informs us that this is a Canadian variant of ‘Spanish Ladies‘ (which I do remember from my childhood, but not by that title). Mudcat has a discussion about ‘Spanish Ladies’ in which there is a brief allusion to the Newfoundland version.

Great Big Sea’s website is here. Having seen them live at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival a few years ago, I have to say that a live performance by this band is an experience not to be missed.


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