Just a few more days of ‘Your Daily Traditional Folk Song – Summer 2012’

Thanks very much to all those who have started following my blog since I began posting the daily traditional folk song on July 5th. This is just to remind everyone that this was a summer project and will be coming to an end on August 31st. It is actually quite a bit of work to search out and research a daily song, and ‘life’ is going to intrude again as September starts up. I will definitely continue to post traditional songs regularly, just not every day.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed listening to the songs as much as I’ve enjoyed posting them! I particularly want to thank my friend Jonathan Hagger who sent me many suggestions, only a tiny fraction of which I used!


2 thoughts on “Just a few more days of ‘Your Daily Traditional Folk Song – Summer 2012’

  1. Just wanted to say (in advance – looking forward to the next few days) a HUGE thank you for all the songs. I’m so glad I discovered your blog in time to join in! I appreciate all the work it’s meant for you – especially so as it has coincided with some down-time for me and I’ve had leisure to enjoy your selection. I’m very grateful!

    Many blessings on whatever ‘life’ brings you as autumn approaches. I’ll continue following!

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