The Fox

Today we have the great American band Nickel Creek doing a barnstorming version of the old traditional song ‘The Fox’. Like many people, I suppose, I first heard this song performed by Peter, Paul, and Mary on their 1993 live album ‘Peter, Paul, and Mommy Too’, and I still think their version is one of the best, but I love the energy in Nickel Creek’s version. What do you think?

Wikipedia tells us that “According to ‘Blugrass Picker’s Tune Book’ by Richard Matteson, the earliest version of this song appears to have been a Middle English poem, dating from the fifteenth century found in the British Museum.” Mudcat Café has a long and interesting discussion about many different versions of this song here, and there are links at the top of the page to several other related threads.

Nickel Creek was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 2007, leaving behind some superb recordings. Their official website is here.


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