Prayers for our friends on the American Gulf Coast as Hurricane Isaac approaches – UPDATED

From CNN:

As of Tuesday afternoon, Isaac’s maximum sustained winds were at 75 miles per hour, just strong enough to give it hurricane status, as it churned northwest through the Gulf at about 10 miles per hour, the National Hurricane Center said.

Forecasters expect Isaac to gain strength before it makes landfall, which could be as early as Tuesday evening.

“Hurricane conditions are expected to reach the coast by late afternoon,” and the storm’s center “should reach the coastline of southeastern Louisiana as early as this evening,” the hurricane center said.

Isaac’s forward movement is expected to slow down, and if it slows enough that it makes landfall after midnight, it will strike on Katrina’s seventh anniversary.

Read the rest here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Louisiana, and especially with Grandmère Mimi, a faithful reader and commenter on this blog, and her husband Tom, who live in Thibodaux, not far from New Orleans.

UPDATE: Mimi says on her Facebook page this morning that they are all OK. Thanks be to God.


One thought on “Prayers for our friends on the American Gulf Coast as Hurricane Isaac approaches – UPDATED

  1. Lauri Jones

    The unbridled power of nature is indeed a potentially terrifying thing. My prayers and thoughts are with all those who must face that power today.

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