‘My Backpack is My Office’

From Reed’s latest blog post:

Lately people have been asking me “Where will you be operating Street Hope?” I tell them that my backpack is my office. I carry my planner, a notebook and pen, my Bible and my Kindle, with my phone in my pocket I’m all set.

There are many days when I long for that sort of simplicity! I often tell people that when I moved to Arborfield in October 1979, the most complicated piece of technology in my office was a rotary dial telephone. My letters were all written by hand and they all took at least a week to reach their destination, so no one got bent out of shape if they didn’t get a return email from me right away. I was very busy, but the deadlines were few, so ministry was relational.

There are lots of things I appreciate about our modern connectedness (hence this blog post!), but I think I need to rediscover some of that old simplicity as well…

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