The modern balladeers 2: Stan Rogers

The late great Stan Rogers wrote some wonderful ballads (=storytelling songs, remember?). Here is one of my favourites, a song that’s half a ballad, half a love song. When Marci and I were first married we spent five years in rural Saskatchewan and I had many cups of coffee in farm kitchens with a can of carnation on the table, so this song carries wonderful memories for me. It seems somehow appropriate for our wedding anniversary!

So here is Stan Rogers with ‘Lies’.

2 thoughts on “The modern balladeers 2: Stan Rogers

  1. I think “Lies” may be the most romantic song ever written, and I can rarely hear it or sing it without getting a bit misty.

    Happy anniversary. And may that maiden always be smiling in your eyes.

  2. Jon Thompson

    Stan Rogers = Awesome. He died (just) before I was born, but I was raised on his music. “Lies” is indeed a particularly beautiful song. He certainly knows how to draw the tears. I hear that when he’d introduce a new song to his friend they’d say “Oh no! Stan’s going to make us cry again.” 😀 In the case of “Lies” however, those are tears of joy and beauty.

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