But what are they thinking about?


Could somebody please tell the folks over at ‘Thinking Anglicans‘ that it’s Advent?

Since Advent started on December 2nd, the fact has been alluded to twice, in posts of miscellaneous links. The vast majority of their posts have been about women bishops and gay marriage in England.

I’m an evangelical, and folks like me are often accused by liberal Anglicans like the folks at TA of being obsessed with homosexuality!

Come on, all you ‘Thinking Anglicans’: give us a bit of Advent gospel, can’t you?


One thought on “But what are they thinking about?

  1. Tim, I’m not an Anglican so perhaps I’ve no right to comment but I do agree with you! (And I don’t think TA are alone…). There is so much to ponder and celebrate at this time.

    Just wanted to say thank you for your blog over this year – glad I found it! Every blessing to you.

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