Technology and the Simple Life – coffee and conversation

A note from the Rev. Steve London:

Hello all,

I am again inviting you to our 2nd discussion group at Transcend Coffee. The idea is to have a topic and a good cup of coffee in a relaxed setting and talk for a couple of hours.

The next one is on Saturday morning, May 25th, from 10am to noon at Transcend Coffee, upstairs which is located at 9869 62 Ave which is just south of Argyll Road off 99th Street.

Our topic this month is Technology and the Simple Life. The idea here is simple: most people agree that there is a connection between living peace and intentionally living a simpler life in the midst of a overwhelmingly consumer society. Most people also use quite a bit of technology in terms of smart phones, tablets, social media, calendars and so on. Some times the technology really helps enable a simpler life style, but often it is a tension with it as well. This conversation will be a way of exploring how we have wrestled with that tension and listen to what others have come up with as well. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Blessings, Steve

Note: This event is sponsored by the Edmonton Ecumenical Peace Network

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