Jesus Said

I do not think when Jesus said
that we should ‘love our enemies’, he meant
‘unless they’re currently at war
with the army of your government’.

It makes no sense, since Jesus lived
under the whip of Roman rule,
that he should speak of ‘enemies’
and not mean those who were most cruel.

I do not think when Jesus said
we could not serve both God and greed
he thought we’d try to prove him wrong
and close our eyes to human need.

And when he said that if we had
two coats, we should give one away
I somehow doubt he really meant
that coats should go, but houses stay

And what about the times he said
we should not set our sights on wealth
But seek God’s kingdom above all
And love our neighbour as ourself?

I do not think when Jesus said
“Take up your cross and follow me”
He meant, ‘If it’s convenient,
or if you happen to be free’.

©2013 Tim Chesterton



Published by

Tim Chesterton

Family man; pastor of St. Margaret's Anglican Church on Ellerslie Road, Edmonton; storyteller; traditional folk musician and occasional songwriter. Email me at timchesterton at outlook dot com.

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