Stereotypes, anyone?

Anderson“Sixty middle-aged men with mental illness and addiction problems in the boonies? Most of these guys smoke, and most of them can’t afford cigarettes. Where are they going to go to pick butts out of ashtrays? When they get tired of sitting in their rooms, where do they go?”

Edmonton City Councillor Bryan Anderson

(by the way, Councillor Anderson is running for re-election this coming October.

Read what he’s talking about here. And then, if you are brave enough, venture over to the Facebook page of Terwillegar Speaks, the community group that is opposed to the new development.

You know, Councillor Anderson, some might characterize your constituents in the ‘Terwillegar Speaks’ Facebook group as elitist snobs concerned to protect their pristine community from anyone who doesn’t share their prosperous upper-middle-class advantages. People with absolutely no compassion or sympathy for those less fortunate than themselves.

To which you might respond, “That’s an unhelpful stereotype”.

Uh – yes?

Kettle, meet pot.

(Oh, and by the way, Councillor Anderson, I used to live in Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, a community on Victoria Island in the Arctic Ocean, with no road in, where we were connected to southern Canada by two flights a week.

Terwillegar Towne, in the boonies? Give me a  break!)

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