Paul Simon – Hearts and Bones

The album ‘Hearts and Bones’ was released in 1983, after Simon and Garfunkel’s concert in Central Park. It was originally intended to be a Simon and Garfunkel album, but Art Garfunkel backed out, so Paul Simon finished it as a solo project. It was one of his least commercially successful albums, but I have always loved it and think it one of his best ever pieces of work. This is the title track. There are a few miscellaneous fragments added to the end, including a bit of Elvis Presley’s ‘Mystery Train’!


More about the album here. Paul Simon’s website is here.


5 thoughts on “Paul Simon – Hearts and Bones

  1. Tim Chesterton

    Paul Simon always surrounds himself with such excellent musicians, and he’s not too full of himself to step aside sometimes and let them shine, either. As far back as 1975, when he toured the UK with ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’, I remember reading that he was actually losing money every night – not because the shows weren’t full, but because of how much he was spending on excellent backup musicians,

  2. I can believe what you say about Simon losing money, Tim. I looked up the name of the base clarinetist, George Marge, because I thought he was terrific. I also put the album, which I had never heard of before, on my wish list.

  3. Tim Chesterton

    I know you’ll enjoy it, Mimi. There’s a particularly good track with the strange name of ‘René and Georgette Magritte with their Dog after the War’, which is very jazzy – it’s one of my favourites. And the last song, ‘The Late Great Johnny Ace’, is an absolute stunner. I do however feel a bit guilty because of all the money you’ve spent on my recommendation!!!

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