Nancy Kerr and James Fagan: ‘Fol the Day-O’

A real treat today: a new song composed by Nancy Kerr in tribute to one of the great early twentieth century folk singers, Joseph Taylor, who was first recorded by Percy Grainger in 1908. The song is performed here by Nancy Kerr and James Fagan at the Bath Folk Festival in 2013. Enjoy!

James and Nancy’s website is currently ‘under construction‘, but if you’re on Facebook you can follow them there.

By the way, count the tuning heads – that’s not a guitar James is playing, it’s a bouzouki with a guitar body!


2 thoughts on “Nancy Kerr and James Fagan: ‘Fol the Day-O’

  1. Tim, thanks for this lovely breath of fresh air on your web-site. You never hear the like of this in your Leicestershire youth, I’ll be bound. What a joy – a celebration of God’s joy in creation. Agape!

  2. Tim Chesterton

    Isn’t it a great song, Ron? The thing is, it sounds like a traditional song (although its cheerfulness almost gives it away!), so I bet in a couple of decades folk singers will think it IS a traditional song!

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