Tom and Kelly’s story.

Well, I think I can safely say that there is going to be a prequel to A Time to Mend.

The draft has now reached four hundred and thirty pages. It tells the story of Tom and Kelly’s marriage. Of course, readers of A Time to Mend will know that this story will have a sad ending. I hope, however, that it will be a good story. It probably won’t be up here for a while yet, though.

I also know that the story has surprised me a couple of times, in ways that will necessitate some further revisions to A Time to Mend. Oh well.

Blogging Break

This blog is going to go on a hiatus for a while. I’ve been really struggling to come up with ideas for new posts, and I find myself resorting more and more to posting other people’s videos or linking to other posts. There’s a lot going on in my life right now and I think I need to admit that I haven’t currently got the energy for creative blogging. This is not a decision to stop blogging; I’m sure I’ll be back. But for now, I need a break.