Elevator Speech Witness

From Malcolm over at Simple Massing Priest:

The latest Acts8 idea is for Christians to create their own Elevator Speech about their faith and their faith community. The idea (which originally comes from marketing and professional networking) is to have a brief explanation of who you are and what you are about that can be delivered in the time between getting on an elevator with someone and the point where the door opens again and one of you exits. The elevator doesn’t need to cover everything, but it should cover the essentials and give the listener some sense of why they might want to pursue things further. Some say the speech should be no more than 250 words. I think 250 assumes a much taller building than most of the ones we have here in Regina.

Malcolm’s offering is in his blog post. Here’s my attempt.

I’m a Christian, which means that I believe that God, who created absolutely everything that exists, loved this world so much that he came to live among us as one of us; that’s who Jesus is. God was like the author of a story who, at a certain point in time, decided to write himself into his story as one of the characters, to show them what he is like and to save them from the mess they had made of his story. We believe that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus show us that God loves us so much he accepts us just as we are, but he loves us too much to leave us there.

To become a baptized Christian is to join the community who believe that Jesus shows us what God is like and what human life is meant to be like. Together we’re learning to see life as Jesus sees it and to live life as he taught it. As we do that, we’re participating in a gradual process of transforming the world. God has promised us that one day this process will be complete, and the world will be restored to the glory and wonder he had in mind when he first created it.

Our community gathers each week to pray, to learn, and to support each other as followers of Jesus. We then go out to spread the love of God by our words and our actions.

Anyone else care to give it a try?


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