A Reminder About ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’

a0519677708_2Good morning music lovers!

This is just a reminder that it’s very easy to buy your own personal copy of my CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’. It includes six of my own original songs and five traditional folk songs which I have arranged and ‘renovated’. They are accompanied by me, playing guitar and cittern, with additional guitar and mandolin work on three tracks by my long-time friend and musical collaborator, Alex Boudreau.

If you want to buy a physical copy of the CD, go to my site at CD Baby. Alternatively, if you live in Edmonton, you can stroll down to Blackbyrd Myoozik and ask for it!

If you want to download a digital copy, you have lots of options: iTunes, CD Baby, or Bandcamp.

Generally speaking, physical copies of the CD sell for $20. Digital copies are $9.99, and individual tracks sell digitally for $0.99.

To check out the lyrics and background information about each song, go to the Folk Songs and Renovations site at Blogger here.

This CD has a very simple, stripped down sound, much like you’d hear if you came out to one of my gigs or heard me playing at an open stage. It was recorded at Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton with Stew Kirkwood at the controls; album cover photos are by Thomas Brauer, Brian Zaharodniuk, and myself, and album design by Carrie Day. I’m very proud of this CD, and I think anyone who enjoys acoustic folk music would like it. But you don’t have to take my word for it! If you visit the Bandcamp site, they’ll let you play all the way through every track for free!


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