Fra de Mollstemte Skoger – Så lengi du kjæm att

Many thanks to my friend Jonathan Hagger for introducing me to the music of this fine Norwegian folk trio ‘Fra de Mollstemte Skoger’, which apparently means ‘From the Minor-Tuned Forests’. Here’s an example of the sort of thing they do:

Their website says:

From the Minor-Tuned Forests is a trio rooted in Hedmark County, Norway. We set music to poems by authors from Hedmark, several whom have followd us since we were children. In a warm and down to earth way these authors describe the great in the small often with a sore undertone, sometimes even with a bitter aftertaste.
Our inspiration for the music stems from Norwegian and Swedish folksong tradition as well as from the rough, vigorous and often minor-tuned traditional music of Hedmark. Short and long yearned summers, long winters and miles and miles of forests have marked the poetry as well as the music from this area.
It is with humble respect we present our interpretations of these poems. 

They have a music player on their website and currently eight of their songs are uploaded to it. And, of course, if you like it, you can also buy their CDs!



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