The Mary Ellen Carter

And to conclude our Canada Day Stanfest, perhaps the best loved of all Stan’s songs, ‘The Mary Ellen Carter’. Have a wonderful Canada Day evening, everyone. And God bless you, Stan; you were taken from us far too young, and we still miss you today, even after thirty-one years.


2 thoughts on “The Mary Ellen Carter

  1. Andrew H.

    Tim, thank you ever so much for these songs. I had never heard of Stan Rogers; he was amazing! I’ve just ordered his CD collection for an anniversary present for both my wife and I; it is probably more money than I should spend, but I know she will like this music as much as I do.

    A belated “Happy Canada Day” from down here in Iowa.

  2. Thank you Andrew. This comment was very special to me; I feel very good about having introduced another person to the music of one of our great Canadian national treasures. Sadly, Stan was killed in a fire on an aircraft in 1983, and so his music is now only a memory for us, but a very, very rich memory at that. Stan’s son Nathan Rogers and his brother Garnet Rogers (who used to play fiddle in his band) are both very active as musicians, and Nathan especially is very conscientious about performing some of his dad’s songs when he plays concerts.

    Thanks for the Canada Day wishes and I return ten by wishing you an early happy Fourth of July!

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