‘Blackwaterside’, as performed by Anne Briggs and Bert Jansch

Two of the most amazing talents of the 1960s and 1970s folk revival in England performing together on the 1992 documentary ‘Acoustic Routes’. Guitar players, feel free to be mesmerized by the effortless way the late Bert Jansch plays those intricate arrangements, and traditional singers, feel free to admire the unique phrasing and wonderful voice of Anne Briggs. Together they created an arrangement of this song that has been covered by many people since then.

More about Blackwaterside here.

Bert Jansch was a beloved Scottish folk and blues guitarist and a founder-member of ‘Pentangle’ who died in 2011. His website is here.

More about Anne Briggs here.


2 thoughts on “‘Blackwaterside’, as performed by Anne Briggs and Bert Jansch

  1. Glad you liked it. I thought the cameraman’s choices were a little weird at times, though – I’d rather have been watching Bert’s fingers in the instrumental bits than Anne moving her head back and forth!

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