Enjoy It

I remember years ago hearing Harold Percy talking about our response to the Good News of Jesus and the new life he offers to us. He talked about three things:

  1. Enjoy it
  2. Model it for others
  3. Spread it by our words and our actions

I honestly think that many churches skip over the first step too quickly – especially these days, when we’re desperate to grow, or be useful, or both. But if we skip over the first step too quickly, we won’t have a compelling story to share with others, so we won’t grow. Neither will we have the energy to be useful; we’ll just be tired and full of guilt at all the good things we could be doing, but aren’t.

So let’s take some time, as individuals and churches, to simply enjoy the new life God has given to us in Jesus. Let’s bask in the unconditional love he has poured out on us. Let’s boldly draw near and worship him in spirit and in truth. Let’s pray often, not because we feel we should, but because we want to, because we’re finding a real sense of God’s presence and God’s love when we pray. Paul says, ‘Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice!’ On this day, the Lord’s Day, why don’t we focus on that joy?


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