Random Lent Thought for March 2nd

A few years ago on Facebook I posted regular ‘Random Lent Thoughts’ through Lent. I’ve decided to revisit them and repost some of the ones I liked the best, plus add a few more. I won’t promise to add one a day, but I’ll try to be regular. Here’s the first, originally posted on my Facebook page on February 15th 2013:

My Lent thought for today:

A couple of days ago Marci and I read Luke 17:11-19. The comment in our Bible reading notes focussed on Jesus’ command for the ten lepers to ‘go and show yourselves to the priests’, and included this sentence: ‘Jesus often engages and develops people’s faith by challenging them to do something rather than intellectually affirm something or feel something’. The point being made is that there is obviously no contradiction between ‘faith’ and ‘works’ here – the lepers’ obedience is itself an act of faith.

I thought this was right on. I’ve had a lot to do with two Christian subcultures in my time, one that spent a lot of time enforcing doctrinal correctness, and another that emphasised ‘feeling’ the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s refreshing to me to remember that Jesus is far more concerned with deeds than with doctrines or feelings. ‘Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord”, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven’ (Matthew 7:21).

Not that it’s easy (far from it); it just reminds me where I need to put my major energies: faithful obedience.

Carry on.


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