Our trip to the UK, June 2017 (part the third)

On our second Sunday in the UK (18th) my brother Mike and my sister in law Jeanette came down to spend a few hours with us. We went to church with Mum at St. Mary’s, Ketton…


…and then we went out for Sunday dinner, followed by coffee and a nice visit at Mum’s place. My mum took this picture of the four of us:



There is a very old hall in Oakham which goes by the name of ‘Oakham Castle‘. At one time it was the great hall of a much bigger castle, which is now in ruins. This picture was taken from the north side of the old castle wall, looking down on the hall and the old castle grounds, with All Saints’ Church in the background.


There is a tradition that when members of the aristocracy visit Oakham in an official capacity they present a ceremonial horseshoe to Oakham Castle. This has been going on since the 1400s (the oldest surviving horseshoe was presented by King Edward IV in 1470), so there are now quite a few of them hanging up on the inside walls:




On Wednesday 21st we left Oakham and travelled down to Cardiff, Wales to visit with Marci’s 2nd cousin once removed, Jane Williams, and her family. Here’s a selfie we took with my Mum at Oakham Station just before the train left.



This trip was the first time we have ever met Jane Williams, who we had connected with through our family tree research on Ancestry. This is us with Jane and her husband Tony, and also her daughter Rachel, daughter in law Vicky, and grandson Thomas, plus Sky the cat.


On Thursday 22nd Jane took us into Cardiff where we found the house where Marci’s grandfather, William Searles, was born in 1888. Here it is, and the street where it is located.



When the Searles family ran this shop in the late 1800s it was a greengrocer’s; now it’s something different, but it’s the right location so we knew it was the right shop.



Later that day Jane took us sightseeing; we got to have a wander around St. Fagan’s Castle and the outdoor museum, which is a bit like our Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village in Alberta – lots of old houses moved to a new location to give an idea of the past. Here are a couple of the pictures.





Late that afternoon we also went to visit Cardiff Castle which was quite spectacular.




That’s it for today; come back in the next day or two for the final gripping instalment!

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