Drifting off course

‘That is why we are bound to pay all the more heed to what we have been told, for fear of drifting from our course.’ (Hebrews 2.1 REB)

I really like the REB translation ‘drifting from our course’. I suppose that in the days of sail, when holding to a course involved careful trimming of sails and sometimes steering as close to the wind as possible, ‘drifting from the course’ was an ever-present reality. It certainly is in my Christian life! Jesus has given me the course heading pretty clearly—love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself, in response to God’s love for you in Christ—but I seem to be oh so talented at drifting off course into fascinatingly esoteric religious practices and discussions, not to mention the glittering distractions of a world drunk on materialism.

Lord Jesus, as Lent begins, help us not to drift off course. Help us pay all the more heed to what we have been told—to the teaching you gave us—so that we may stay on the right path. And when we are distracted, please alert us to the fact, and show us the way back. Amen.

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