A Spirituality Project for a Sedentary Age

4_walking_prayer_exercisesIn 2017, 64% of Canadians were overweight or obese. This has major health implications.

I used to be part of that statistic, and for years I tried and failed to do anything about it. Somehow, three years ago, I managed to take off a huge chunk of weight, but it’s still a struggle for me to keep it off.

I’ve spent most of my working life in a sedentary occupation. I’m a priest, so I sit at a desk, or sit in people’s homes, drinking coffee and eating cookies and talking. And praying. I’m encouraged to spend 45 minutes to an hour each day in prayer, using a Daily Office developed by Christians in much more active times, when just staying alive meant people had to use their bodies way more than they do now, so the need to add more physical activity wasn’t so urgent.

But times have changed.

A few years ago David Hansen wrote a book called Long, Wandering Prayer. Dave is a long time advocate of combining prayer with walking. I wonder if he might be on to something? Given that we are physical as well as spiritual creatures, and that health of body and spirit is intertwined, maybe we should be looking at redefining the Daily Office to include walking?

Older forms of the Office (like the traditional Book of Common Prayer) had relatively few variables. The Office was easily memorized, and once committed to memory, those prayers were yours for good. Even today, I can pretty well pray BCP Morning Prayer from memory (without the psalms and readings of course).

More recent Office books have vastly increased the amount of variable material. But maybe we’re going in the wrong direction. Maybe we should be exploring simple forms of prayer that could be easily memorized and then used as a framework for extemporare prayer—the aim being to encourage people to take their prayer times out on the walking trail with them every day. These days audio Bibles are common too, so listening to the Bible could easily be combined with walking.

Imagine the health benefits if those 45 minutes of daily praying were spent moving my body on a walking trail? Also, personally, I find it easier to connect with God walking through trees and fields than indoors, so it’s a double win.

I think this could be a vital spirituality project for our sedentary age. What do you think?

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