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Into the wilderness with Jesus

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and Lent will begin – an annual season for going out into the desert, metaphorically speaking, away from distractions, in order to pay attention to what God is saying. A season for silence and self-examination, for prayer, … Continue reading

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‘Listen to Him’ (a sermon on Mark 9.2-9)

There’s a well-known story about a man who fell off a cliff. On the way down he managed to grab a branch, and there he was, suspended a thousand feet above a gorge, with only the branch preserving him from … Continue reading

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Preliminary sermon thoughts on Mark 9.2-9

This is not a sermon; this is simply my study notes as I have been engaging with the Biblical text today. Hopefully they might be useful to other preachers as we meditate on scripture in preparation for next Sunday. Text … Continue reading

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To Fear and Trust the Lord – Are They Incompatible? (a sermon on Psalm 147:11

I want to direct your attention this morning to a verse from our psalm for today. In the Book of Alternative Services it is Psalm 147:12, but the BAS has renumbered the verses and in fact in the original it’s … Continue reading

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Meadowvale/A Time to Mend: What Comes Next?

Thanks to the faithful readers who’ve followed me through the long story of Tom and Kelly’s marriage, knowing all the time (because of its connection to ‘A Time to Mend’) that it was going to have a sad ending. I’m … Continue reading

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Meadowvale (a prequel to ‘A Time to Mend’): Chapter 47

Link back to Chapter 46. This is the first draft of a work of fiction; it will probably be revised in the not-too-distant future. This is Chapter 47 of 47.   A few years later, not long after my father died, … Continue reading

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Who Is This? (sermon on Mark 1.21-28)

Tom Wright begins his commentary on today’s gospel with this story: Not long ago there was a great disaster at sea. A tourist boat, loaded with cars and holidaymakers, had failed to shut its doors properly; the water began to … Continue reading

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