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Reality is not simple

A couple of weeks ago we elected a new provincial government in the province of Alberta, and the new cabinet was sworn in on Sunday afternoon. They lean to the left, which is rather unusual, given that their predecessors, the … Continue reading

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Who are the must-reads?

Seth Godin had a great blog post on Thursday about knowing who the must-reads are in your field. It ended with these words: We would never consent to surgery from a surgeon who hadn’t been to medical school, and perhaps … Continue reading

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The Three Baptisms (a sermon for Pentecost)

This morning as we celebrate the baptisms of Doug and Gideon, I want to think with you for a few minutes about the word ‘baptism’ and what it means. Jesus actually uses the word ‘baptism’ to refer to three different … Continue reading

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Meadowvale (Revised): Chapter Two

I’ve gone through the ‘Meadowvale’ story over the past few weeks and done a rewrite. I will be posting the revised chapters here over the next few months, at the rate of about two a week. The originals are still … Continue reading

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Which enemies?

As a Christian pacifist, I regularly get asked, “So what should we do about ISIS, then?” Years ago the question was “What should we have done about Hitler, then?” but it’s basically the same issue. I’m sure those are very … Continue reading

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Tommy Emmanuel plays ‘Close to You’

If I could play like Tommy, I would call myself a guitar player! His website is here. This song, of course, is by Bert Bacharach.

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Is it just about rewards and punishments?

The other day I was having lunch with an agnostic friend. He’s the kind of agnostic friend who pushes me to give honest answers to real questions, and I like that. We’re both quite involved in trying to make things better … Continue reading

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