A Reminder About ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’

a0519677708_2Good morning music lovers!

This is just a reminder that it’s very easy to buy your own personal copy of my CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’. It includes six of my own original songs and five traditional folk songs which I have arranged and ‘renovated’. They are accompanied by me, playing guitar and cittern, with additional guitar and mandolin work on three tracks by my long-time friend and musical collaborator, Alex Boudreau.

If you want to buy a physical copy of the CD, go to my site at CD Baby. Alternatively, if you live in Edmonton, you can stroll down to Blackbyrd Myoozik and ask for it!

If you want to download a digital copy, you have lots of options: iTunes, CD Baby, or Bandcamp.

Generally speaking, physical copies of the CD sell for $20. Digital copies are $9.99, and individual tracks sell digitally for $0.99.

To check out the lyrics and background information about each song, go to the Folk Songs and Renovations site at Blogger here.

This CD has a very simple, stripped down sound, much like you’d hear if you came out to one of my gigs or heard me playing at an open stage. It was recorded at Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton with Stew Kirkwood at the controls; album cover photos are by Thomas Brauer, Brian Zaharodniuk, and myself, and album design by Carrie Day. I’m very proud of this CD, and I think anyone who enjoys acoustic folk music would like it. But you don’t have to take my word for it! If you visit the Bandcamp site, they’ll let you play all the way through every track for free!

Buy my CD – you know you want to – they make great Christmas presents!

a0519677708_2The season of giving is coming fast, and I’d like to suggest that my CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’, makes a good Christmas gift!

If you just want a digital download, for yourself or someone else, you have lots of options:

Band Camp (where you can also listen to the whole thing track by track, not just extracts)



If you want a real disc that you can hold in your hand, CDBaby is your option. Alternatively, if you live in Edmonton, call me and I’ll sell you one face to face!

My CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’.

a0519677708_2There have been a lot of new folks following my blog over the past couple of months, so I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that I have a CD available for sale. It was recorded in Edmonton in March and April this year, and it is called ‘Folk Songs And Renovations’. It includes six original songs and five traditional songs arranged by me. I sing and play guitar and cittern, and Alex Boudreau sings and plays guitar and mandolin on three of the tracks.

If you’d like to purchase a digital copy of the CD you have several options, including iTunes, CD Baby, and Band Camp; in all three cases the cost is $9.99 for the whole CD. At the CD Baby site you also have the option to order a real physical copy of the CD for $20.00. If you want to listen to all of the tracks in their entirety before purchasing, the Band Camp site will allow to do that.

Finally a few thank you messages:

The CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton.

Design is by me, layout and graphic realization by Carrie DaCD Back panely, and cover photos by Thomas Brauer, Brian Zahorodniuk, and me.

Many thanks to Alex Boudreau, Stew Kirkwood, Carrie Day and Rob Heath for expertise, help, encouragement and friendship. Many thanks to my musical heroes, Nic Jones, Kate Rusby and Martin Carthy; they have passed on and reinterpreted the rich heritage of traditional folk music for a new generation, and their renovations have inspired a good many of my own! Thanks also to the wonderful community of musicians in Edmonton, especially the good friends who gather every month at Rob’s place to help each other write better songs. Finally, many thanks to my family, without whom none of this would ever have happened.

‘Folk Songs and Renovations’ is here!

IMG_8689My new CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’, arrived from the manufacturer this afternoon. I’m very excited!

Recording was done at the excellent Sound Extractor studios here in Edmonton with the brilliant Mr. Stew Kirkwood at the controls.

I played guitar, cittern, and sing the songs. Alex Boudreau added some additional guitar and mandolin, and also harmony.

Cover photos were by Thomas Brauer, Brian Zahorodniuk, and me. Carrie Day did the lion’s share of the design work on the cover and disc label.

The CD has eleven songs – six originals and five traditional songs (including a couple that I’ve pretty extensively renovated – hence the ‘renovations’ in the title). For more information about the individual tracks go here.

The CDs are selling for $20 each, and in a few days I hope to have them up on CD Baby so that customers from outside Edmonton and overseas can buy them too!

Folk Songs and Renovations: Master Kilby

(traditional, arr. Nic Jones/T. Chesterton)

In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely,
I met Master Kilby, so fine and so gay.

I pulled off my hat and I bowed to the ground,
And I said, Master Kilby, oh where are you bound?

I’m bound for the West, in the hopes to find rest;
And in the arms of my Nancy I will build a new nest.

She’s the girl I adore, she’s the choice of my heart,
Her skin shines like silver in every part.

And if I were the master of ten thousand pounds,
in bright gold and silver, or King William’s crown,

I’d part with it all from my own heart so freely
And it’s all for the sake of my charming Nancy.

I give her some kisses, it was down by the sea shore,
But still she lay asking, lay asking for more.

In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely,
I met Master Kilby, so fine and so gay.

Background History
I learned this fine traditional song from the singing of Nic Jones; he recorded a studio version on his 1978 studio album ‘From the Devil to A Stranger’, now sadly unavailable, and there are also two live versions on his compilation albums ‘Unearthed’ and ‘Game, Set, and Match’. You can order Nic’s albums from Molly Music.

Nic apparently found this song in the Journal of the English Folk Song Society. It was collected by Cecil Sharp in January of 1909 from the singing of a Mr. Harry Richards of Curry Rivel, in Somerset, England. Benjamin Britten wrote a posh classical arrangement of it in 1961. His text is apparently very close to that noted down by Cecil Sharp. Nic altered it slightly for the version that he recorded on ‘From the Devil to a Stranger’, and most singers who’ve done the song since then have followed his arrangement.

Folk Songs and Renovations

Some time in the next few months my first professionally produced CD, ‘Folk Songs and Renovations’, will be released.

The CD has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor here in Edmonton, and I would highly recommend Stew for any Edmonton musicians looking for a good place to record.

The sound is very basic: on most of the eleven tracks there is just one voice and one instrument – either guitar or cittern. There is one a capella track, and three tracks have additional mandolin and voice parts by my good friend Alex Boudreau.

Here’s the track list (this is not the final order):

Master Kilby (Trad. arr. T. Chesterton)
William Glenn (Words: Trad./T. Chesterton, Tune: T. Chesterton)
What a Day It Will Be (T. Chesterton)
Lord Franklin (Trad. arr. T. Chesterton)
As I Roved Out (Trad. arr. T. Chesterton)
Cold Blow And The Rainy Night (Words: Trad., Tune: T. Chesterton)
I Know You Will Be There (T. Chesterton)
Old (T. Chesterton)
Jonah (T. Chesterton)
Fire of Love (T. Chesterton)
The Ballad of Jake and Rachel (T. Chesterton)

Over the next few days I will be posting more information, including song lyrics and background to some of the songs. Meanwhile, there are rough mixes of two of the songs, ‘William Glenn’ and ‘Old’, available for listening over at my Reverbnation site. Hope you enjoy them!