Star Trek: Enterprise

enterprise-season-3Over the past few months I’ve been slowly working my way through the four seasons of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ on Netflix (it was first shown on TV 2001-2005; I think I watched Season 1 when it originally came out, then lost interest in it). I have now finished watching it, and here are my observations:

The characters were very rich. I especially enjoyed Doctor Phlox and T’Pol. It wasn’t as rich in characters as ‘Deep Space Nine’, which remains my favourite Star Trek series, but still very good.

I liked the fact that this ‘Enterprise’ wasn’t aways the strongest ship on the block, and that sometimes the technology wasn’t enough to get the crew out of a sticky situation.

I liked the captain’s dog!

I enjoyed Season 4 the best, and I think if the whole series had been more like Season 4 I’d have liked it even more. Specifically, I enjoyed the explorations of the various species (Vulcans, Andorians, Tellurites etc.) and the tie-ins with later episodes in the original series and DS9. I liked the Vulcan episodes best of all.

I was disappointed with the level of violence in the series as a whole. Almost every episode involved a battle of some kind or other (by the way, I understand ‘shields at 40%’ but what does ‘hull plating at 40%’ mean, and how does a chief engineer repair it so fast when what we’re essentially talking about is the remanufacture of armour plating?). I understand that stories thrive on conflict, but it doesn’t always need to be violent conflict, and some of the best episodes in ‘The Next Generation’ and ‘DS9’ do not involve violence. I was sad that the writers of ‘Enterprise’ couldn’t find a way to follow that path. And I really didn’t care for two major story lines: the ‘Temporal Cold War’ and the ‘Xindi’ conflict.

I’m glad I watched the series all the way through, and I’ll probably do so again at some point. But overall, I thought it was a brilliant idea that fell far short of what it could have been. Three stars out of five.